Age 65

I began my journey with Jen at the age of 65 as I found myself losing strength, stability, flexibility and endurance. My first goal was to walk down a hallway in a straight line, and by the end of the month, I could do it! Two years later, I am strong, stable, flexible and confident that I will continue on this healthy path. Jen has been my coach, my personal trainer, my most enthusiastic cheerleader and also my friend. I would (and have) recommend others to Try it! You'll Love it!

~Dayna M.

For My Health

I first met Jen King and started training with her in June, 2018. Little did I know that hiring her would ultimately change the course of my life!
Our very first meeting was merely just a simple sit down, one on one...Jen just listened.
She listened as I told her why I was there, she listened as I cried and told her my every concern about the way my body had changed and how I felt due to some health issues. The doctor had given me clearance to start an exercise program...”baby steps” he said.
I was 42 years old, I was not obese or even overweight. I was reaching out strictly because I was out of shape and desperately needed to tone my body.
From my very first workout, her knowledge of physical fitness and knowing exactly what my body needs and wants continues to just blow my mind!
Jen is knowledgeable, educated, compassionate, encouraging, uplifting, trustworthy, extremely enthusiastic and most important, she is real. She holds me accountable, “You just get here, and I’ll do the rest” she says
She inspires me to always push myself to do more.  I not only feel healthy and fabulous again, I physically see the results! I most certainly will continue to train with Jen now and in the future.
~Dana P

Life Saver

Over the past 3 years, Jen has walked side by side with me through the worst possible curve balls life could throw at you. We began with one on one yoga and pilates, then moved into weight training with dietary assistance. Jen has helped me get through some scary and sad chapters of my life with good health practices and her amazing ability of positive mind control. Jen is always cheering me on and reminding me "you are exactly where you are suppose to be" and " cry as much as you want, but we keep moving" 

Jen goes beyond the definition of personal trainer, as you walk through the doors of Chic Fitness, she knows exactly what you need at that moment. Her compassion, empathy, wisdom and unique ability to listen puts her far above the rest. 

~Jen S.


I have worked out with Jen for over 4 years. I enjoy the personal attention and knowledge I have gained on health & fitness. Jen helped me reach my fitness goals and I continue to be held accountable with scheduled sessions. I highly recommend training with Jen King.

~Susie C.


Jen helped me stay in shape during my entire pregnancy. She knew exactly what my body needed. She also helped me get back in shape after my daughter was born. I have never felt better! 

~Ligia A.